Geography, nature

Cesvaine is situated in the north-eastern part of Vidzeme Uplands at the distance of 180 km from Riga. The highest hills are Usina Hill (259 m above the sea level) located in Karzdaba vicinity rich in hillocks, Stradu Hill, Austras Hill, etc. The Kuja River (77 km) meanders from the north-east to the south-east. The Sula River winds through the town centre. The Tirza River flows in the north of the territory by the border of Gulbene Region. Little Virane Lake is situated at the border of Tirza Civil Parish. The other largest lakes are Karzdabas, Kaulachezers, Lushu, Lielezers, Mucenieku. Marshes: Chonku Marsh, Velna Marsh, Saknupites Marsh. Forests cover about 43% of the territory (7934 ha). Protected natural objects are Cesvaine and Grashi parks, Volgu Stone, Spruktu Oak, Ozolkalna Oak, etc.

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